Houseplant Spotlight: Air Plant

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Tillandsia, or air plants, make for cute and easy additions to your home. They’re a member of the Bromeliaceae family, which makes them distant relatives to pineapples! Because they don’t require pots or soil, they’re easy and versatile to style, don’t leave much of a mess, and are very easy to care for.

Tillandsia gets its nickname, air plant, for its unique ability to take nourishment from the air around it, rather than soil. They are epiphytic, like staghorn ferns and orchids, but they don’t necessarily need to live on the surface of another plant to thrive. Because of special cells, called trichomes, which coat their leaves, they can absorb water through them more quickly and efficiently. 

So, how does one care for a plant without a pot? Air plants don’t need much attention from you in order to live and grow. Approximately once a week, submerge your plants in a basin of water for about a half an hour. Let them drain on a towel and then put them back into the bright, but indirectly lit spot you’ve found for them! If you want to see more growth from your Tillandsia, check out a local plant store for some organic air plant food.

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