Houseplant Spotlight: Hostas

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This week’s Houseplant Of The Week isn’t a houseplant at all, but one of Kate’s absolute favorite garden plants! They’re just beginning to bloom in Seattle, and we feel they deserve an honorable mention in our HPOTW series. 

Hostas are hardy, shade-loving perennials that are easy to care for and native to northeast Asia. You’ve likely passed them while strolling through your neighborhood, or even on a walk in an urban area. They thrive in our Pacific Northwest weather, because they love shady environments and tolerate a good amount of rain. Most people only know them for their stunning foliage, but they also produce flowers in the summer! 

While nearly all varieties of hosta prefer a shady environment, there are some that can tolerate higher levels of sunlight. Rather than try to remember which of the 2,500 different kinds of hostas like lots of sun, use this as your rule of thumb: the lighter the leaf color, the brighter the environment. Lighter = brighter!

No matter which hosta varieties you bring home, you’re guaranteed to have a yard full of striking foliage and fragrant flowers for summers to come. Happy planting!

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