Houseplant Spotlight: Monstera

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The Monstera plant, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, is a tropical houseplant native to Mexico and Panama. It can be found growing abundantly in most tropical destinations, but will be just as content to live in the corner of your favorite brightly-lit room! 

Monstera Deliciosa gets its name from the flower it produces in its maturity. The flowers are large and cone-like, and though the name implies they would taste delicious, they are actually quite bitter! Only after coming to complete maturity, and also being roasted and prepared, do they give off a delicious taste. Their large roots can be used as ropes, like they are in Peru, or woven into baskets, like they are in Mexico. In some places, the leaves and roots are even used as a tea to treat arthritis pains!

As a houseplant, Monstera Deliciosa can grow big and bushy, or be trained to grow as a vine. There are variations with larger-than-life leaves, and smaller types that look just like green slices of swiss cheese! Regardless of which variation you’ve brought home, they all thrive in bright, indirect light. This means they want to live in a bright, sunny room, but they don’t want to be too close to the window. Like most houseplants, they prefer their soil to be dry about two inches down before they get another good drink of water, and regular plant food is a good idea if you want lots of growth! 

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