Houseplant Spotlight: Peace Lily

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The Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, is a common houseplant with deep green foliage, and elegant white flowers. These white flowers are what lends this plant its name - they look similar to a white flag, waving to symbolize peace. It is notoriously easy to keep alive, which makes it an extremely popular choice for those who are just beginning to cultivate their green thumb! 

Peace Lilies tolerate low light, which is one of the reasons it is so popular! However, it is important to distinguish between what a plant can tolerate and what a plant prefers. The Peace Lily tolerates low light, so it will survive in low-light environments. It will grow slowly, but mostly remain unchanged. However, if you want your Peace Lily to thrive and grow, it will need more than the bare minimum. A bright, sunny spot, out of direct light, will encourage your plant to grow new leaves! And it will do so much more quickly than it would in a shadier spot. 

This plant can also thrive with a little neglect in regard to watering. It prefers “partially dry” soil, which just means that the top layer of soil should dry out before it gets another drink. Peace Lilies will always let you know if they need water, though; their leaves will droop when they’re thirsty, and will perk right back up after a decent watering.


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