Houseplant Spotlight: Peperomia

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Peperomia are amazing because there are so many different kinds of them! One Peperomia plant can look completely different from another in color and leaf shape, adding layers of colors and textures to your home. And they all require relatively similar care!

The leaves of these plants are very thick and succulent, which tells us that they hold a lot of water in them. This means you don’t need to water them as frequently as some of your other plants, because they’ll use the water they’ve stored, and won’t need any extra from the soil. Let the soil dry out before you give them a drink, and you’ll help prevent root rot. They like “bright, indirect light”, which simply means they like to live in a bright, sunny room, but not too close to a window. Direct light will fry their leaves! 

When you’re ready to repot, wait until it looks like it’s going to burst out of the pot! Peperomias are epiphytic plants, which means their root systems are built to live in tight/weird spaces. If and when they do need to be repotted, use an orchid mix. Orchids are also epiphytic, so they require the same kind of soil. (Regular potting soil works fine if that’s what you have on hand.)

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