Houseplant Spotlight: Pothos & Philodendron

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Both the Pothos plant and Philodendrons make beautiful and vibrant additions to any home! They are both tropical plants that require similar care, and many types of these plants grow in the same ways. They are even in the same plant family! But there are a few key differences in how these plants look and grow. 

The Pothos plant comes in many varieties, but the three most recognizable are the Golden Pothos, the Marble Queen, and the Jade Pothos. The latin name for Pothos is epipremnum aureum, derived from the Greek words epi, which means ‘upon’, and premnon, which means ‘a trunk’. In tropical environments, these plants wrap themselves around the trunks of trees, and can grow to giant proportions! 

Philodendrons come from the same family as pothos, but come in many, many different houseplant varieties. The trailing philodendron, and heart-shaped philodendron are two that tend to be confused with the pothos plant, since they are trailing vines with similar glossy foliage. However, there are as many as 487 different species of philodendrons! This includes some of the plants you’ve envied on social media; monstera and split-leaf philodendron. They are the second-largest member of the family Araceae, and there are many species that have yet to be categorized. 

Most philodendrons require very similar care to Pothos; they tolerate lower light but absolutely thrive in bright, indirect light. They are simple to propagate, easy to prune, tolerate drought and change in location very well, and are all-around really difficult to kill! 

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