MEEMA: Beautiful & Sustainable Aprons

aprons MEEMA

Who doesn't love a nice apron? Us Wild Hare ladies sure do! Useful for countless tasks around the home, cooking, gardening, crafting... you name it! We're happy to introduce MEEMA, a small company that is changing the game, producing beautiful and durable aprons while being completely sustainable! 

+ Did you know that it takes 20,000 liters of water to produce a single kilogram of cotton? 

+ 15% of the 2.7 billion meters of denim produced every year end up as waste in denim mills, which is about 250 million pairs of jeans thrown out as trash! 

 This is where MEEMA comes in! MEEMA fabric is made with discarded fibers from yarn and jean mills. These materials are given a second life, converted into new yarns, then new fabrics, and finally durable and beautiful new products. 

MEEMA's waste is then used by coffee growers as a natural compost! A win-win for all involved! Pre-order yours today!

MEEMA up-cycled fabrics are made by The New Denim Project, a textile manufacturer in Guatemala who is a global leader in sustainable textiles and circular economy industry!

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