Winter Houseplant Care

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It’s happening, y’all. Winter is here! For the team at Wild Hare, that means thick sweaters and fuzzy socks, endless sips of warm beverages, and the perfect excuse to stay in. But for our plants, it means something a little different...

When the temperature starts to drop and the days get shorter, our houseplants make adjustments in order to survive. All of the energy that went into their growth and production in the summer moves from their leaves and travels down into their roots! We see less external growth, and maybe even a few lost leaves. But don’t fret! There are a few ways we can help ease the adjustment process of our plants and keep them thriving through winter.

  • Water less!
    • Because we see less of the sun during the winter months, our plants aren’t able to use up the water we provide them as quickly as they would in the summer. To prevent root rot, water less frequently! We recommend only once a week, but to be sure you’re doing right by your specific plant, always check that the soil is dry 1-2” down before you water. Additionally, use less water! Soggy roots are harder to combat in the winter, so it’s best to err on the side of keeping soil too dry rather than too wet.
  • Adjust for temperature changes.
    • Our plants are just as sensitive to changes in temperature as we are! Plants that are too close to windows or doors are going to be affected by colder weather and drafts. Move plants away from sources of cold air as best you can. But beware of their position in relation to heat sources, too! Plants that are too near a heat vent or space heater won’t fare well, either. Like Goldilocks, they want it just so.
  • Mist more frequently!
    • Winter air is drier, especially once we’ve turned our heaters on! Get an empty spray bottle ( we recommend glass), and keep it filled with distilled water. Every few days, mist your plant leaves thoroughly! It’ll make them feel like they’ve gone on a tropical vacation - after all, someone should.
    • Take time for some “winter cleaning”!
      • Give your plants the best chance they can get for catching that winter sunlight through the window! Leaves collect dust and grease, and that can create a barrier for light and oxygen - two things your plant really needs. Take a soft towel, wet it slightly with warm water, and wipe down the leaves of your plant.
      • ***Bonus tip: if you do dairy, dip your washcloth in some dairy milk for extra shine and gloss!
      Photo courtesy of AJ Ragasa for Baby Greens
      • If you can, avoid repotting your plants at this time!
        • Repotting plants is best done just before the growing season (spring/summer), so your plants can fill their new space and thrive. In the winter, they don’t experience as much growth, so putting them into a newer, bigger home could actually be setting them up to fail! If they can wait till spring, let ‘em wait.

      Happy winter tending!!

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