Our Philosophy 


The wild hare is an adaptive, resourceful animal that uses what’s available to thrive in any environment. Much like the hare, so do we. We provide products that help you thrive in your environment. Everything we carry is chosen based on these core questions: Is it useful? Will it improve your environment? Is it high-quality and sustainable? We go to great lengths to find unique products that speak to our principles. We love products with history and character. And we know you do, too.

Wild Hare Practical Goods is committed to bringing its customers quality products with a rich history and one-of-a-kind charm. Our household products, accessories, and botanical goods are sourced from companies whose beliefs and philosophies are in line with our own. 

At Wild Hare Practical goods, we see a valuable connection between sustainability, connecting with nature, and rescuing vintage pieces from rusting in landfills or collecting dust in a barn. We believe in giving a second life to useful goods, and we believe in using those goods to sustain life - for us and the planet.