Plant Care


+ These tropical vines survive in moderate to low light conditions, but absolutely thrive in bright, indirect light. They are exceptionally hardy, but for best results water only when the soil is dry.

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

+ Umbrella Trees prefer bright light, making them the perfect plant for a sunny windowsill. Water when the soil is dry, and remember to turn the plant every so often so it doesn’t grow in only one direction!

Rubber Plant

+ These slow-growing houseplant staples tolerate moderate to indirectly bright light, and only want water when their soil is dry about 2” down. In the spring and summer months, they’ll be a little extra thirsty - consider misting their leaves when you water!

Staghorn Fern

+ The Staghorn Fern may be tropical in origin, but it still prefers a shady space to a sunny one! Water when the soil is dry, and be careful not to remove the brown leaves at its base - they may look dead, but they aren’t!


+ Peperomias thrive in bright, indirect light. Because they hold so much water in their thick leaves, they can go longer between waterings than some of your other houseplants. Make sure the soil is completely dry before giving them a drink!

Spider Plant

+ While Spider Plants thrive in bright, indirectly lit spaces, they’re known to survive well in moderate-to-low light environments, as well. During the winter months, only water when the soil is dry. In spring and summer months, up the frequency of your watering in relation to how quickly your plant absorbs water!


+ Most Philodendrons prefer moderately-lit spaces, but are known to survive in low light and bright, indirect light, as well. Water when the soil is dry.

Asparagus Fern

+ This delicate fern prefers a low light environment and lots of water! Be sure to keep the soil moist, not wet, and look out for signs of light stress, like burnt edges on its leaves.

Weeping Fig

+ The Weeping Fig thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. It can tolerate moderate light environments. Water only when the soil is dry.

Snake Plant

+ The Snake Plant can survive in most light conditions, and rarely needs to be watered. Water approximately once or twice a month, and mist its leaves in between.


+ Find a bright, indirectly lit space for your Homalomena, or Emerald Gem, plant. Water when the soil is dry or when leaves start to droop.

Pencil Cactus

+ Like most succulents and cacti, the Pencil Cactus prefers dry soil and lots of bright light. Water sparingly.


+ The Calathea thrives in moderate-to-low light environments, and prefers its soil to be kept evenly moist.