Plant Care


The Golden Pothos is part of the Philodendron family. These plants typically grow in tropical, humid places. They thrive with lots of light and water, but will be perfectly content with limited light as long as you pay attention to their water levels and mist the leaves occasionally. These are great plants if you have limited light and limited time to devote to nurturing your plants.





Bird's Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern is a beautiful tropical fern that grows just as happily out of the ground as it does out of the crooks of tree branches! These plants prefer lots of bright, indirect light, and they love to have their leaves misted every so often. Like most potted plants, only water the soil when it’s dried out.




Another tropical plant, the Croton loves a lot of bright, indirect light! Keep her in a bright spot away from a window - the light coming through the glass can burn her leaves. The more indirect light she gets, however, the brighter the colors of her leaves! Water when the soil dries out, and mist her leaves occasionally. 




Dwarf Umbrella Tree

The Dwarf Umbrella Plant likes bright, indirect light. Like any plant, let her leaves tell you exactly how much light it takes to let her thrive! Water when the soil dries out, and remove any dead leaves from the plant or soil surface.



Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant, or Ficus Elastica, is a favorite office plant! This is because ficus trees provide beautiful foliage in return for borderline neglect. Find a bright, indirectly-lit corner for your Rubber Plant, give her a pot with great drainage, and watch her grow! In the summer, mist the leaves and water regularly when soil is dried out.




Avocado Tree

It’s so fun to watch an Avocado Tree grow! Watch as the roots explode out of the pit and the leaves unfurl in bright-green glory. Keep the root water clean and fresh and make sure your tree has lots of light and humidity.





 Ferns notoriously thrive in dark, wet conditions. Put your fern in a spot where she can receive part shade or some dappled sunlight, and keep the soil moist.


Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Ferns, not unlike the Bird’s Nest Fern, grow happily out of the armpits of trees! Mount yours on a wall with bright, indirect light, and mist her leaves if she begins to droop.





Artillery Fern

This fern is a member of the pilea family! Keep her in a bright corner and water her soil when it’s dry, and she’ll stay a happy girl.





Wandering Jew/Zebrina/Spiderwort

The Zebrina plant, also given the names Spiderwort or Wandering Jew, has the most beautiful and striking purple foliage! It prefers lots of bright light, and dry soil between waterings. This plant is great for hanging baskets, or you can train it to grow like a vine up a trellis or along a shelf.





 Fiddle-leaf Fig

The Fiddle-leaf Fig’s name alludes to its care; you may need to fiddle around with the right conditions before your plant thrives! Fiddle-leaf Figs need a place with lots and lots of bright light, and just the right amount of water. When her soil is dried out, water her thoroughly, and mist leaves regularly. Her leaves are so large, remember to wipe away the dust they collect with a damp rag!


Wire Vine

This vine, it’s cute, bouncy leaves, likes moderate light and can tolerate a shadier corner. Water when the soil is dry, but take care not to overwater!