Wild Hare Goods Practical Goods is committed to bringing its customers quality products with a rich history and one-of-a-kind charm. It follows, then, that our new line of botanical goods has a unique twist: not only are we bringing new life into your home, we’re delivering it in style. 

Each and every plant in our shop is paired with its perfect vintage vessel. Trailing pothos plants cascade from hanging kettles, avocado trees grow wildly from beautiful vases and collectible Ball jars, and antique coffee cans play host to a wide variety of ferns so beloved by the Pacific Northwest. 

At Wild Hare Practical Goods , we see a valuable connection between sustainability, connecting with nature, and rescuing vintage pieces from rusting in landfills or collecting dust on an antique store shelf. We believe in giving a second life to useful goods, and we believe in using those goods to sustain life - for us and the planet.